Visioning Apopka Hosts First Community Forum Today

The City of Apopka on Tuesday will host the first of five large forums that encourage residents to help shape the future of their community.

The Visioning Apopka meeting from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Apopka Community Center, 519 S. Central Ave., will invite residents to share ideas for public improvements, facilities and services they hope to have in Apopka within the next 10 years. Participants will help to define how they view their community today, and what their ideal vision is for Apopka in the future.

The forum is targeted to residents in the downtown and east quadrant of Apopka (see map). Three other resident forums scheduled this month will have the same format and present the same discussion to other parts of Apopka. Another forum is set for businesses and community leaders. For a schedule of meetings and locations, visit

Each forum will be led by trained facilitators headed up by visioning consultants Keith and Schnars PA – an engineering and planning group that works on projects throughout the state including highway improvements, environmental studies and master planning.

The group will present demographic information about Apopka. Discussions will ask meeting participants to determine their goals for Apopka’s future and the challenges they feel the city must overcome to reach those goals.

The idea is to help develop a consensus among residents to direct future improvements for the community.

Citizens also are encouraged to visit the Visioning Apopka website and submit surveys. Apopka also recentlymailed more than 9,000 invitations to various residents in the area to take the survey.

Keith and Schnars will utilize all the information to create a visioning plan for Apopka. The City Council will have meetings later this year to review the program and survey findings.

 Establishing community vision is important to help better define Apopka among all areas of Central Florida. The city can work to develop its image – a productive reputation that reflects positively on the community and attracts businesses and residents. Apopka can identify needed public improvements, lay out community projects and complement the city’s master development plan for future construction.

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