Meet the Apopka City Council Candidates: Young Kim

1520 WBZW, Apopka’s Hometown Station, is bringing you live coverage of the January 27th forum that will include Apopka City Council Candidates for seats 3 and 4. Our broadcast begins at 7pm and you can listen live at (find full forum details here.)

This week, we are getting to know the candidates with a series of articles that will give you everything you need to know about the three candidates running for Seat 3 and the three candidates running for Seat 4. Today we want you to meet Young Kim:

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Young Kim

Young Kim 2

Candidate for Seat #4
Young Kim’s Facebook Page

I am running for city commissioner because I believe a fresh new voice equipped to engage in our current times will help grow our community. Innovation is what helped create many of our American jobs, and will be also the driving force behind the job creation of tomorrow. We have many talented individuals who can stimulate the growth of Apopka. Unfortunately, many of these bridges have not been built yet. One area that I believe that we must invest in is our youth. High school is a very important part in a teenager’s development. However, many teenagers do not fare well in the world of academia. Teenagers who are not gifted in the academic world, may excel in other areas such as mechanics, design, music, etc. If elected I would find ways to improve upon the vocational and art programs for our youth. My campaign slogan, “A Young New Voice for Apopka’s Future” fully epitomizes my commitment to find ways that our city government can embrace the full scope of our community’s potential.

“My platform is drawn from these three words: unity, compassion and innovation.    I propose that the city of Apopka conduct all of its affairs in accordance with the principle of unification.  A unity statement such as that the city is committed in advancing the equality of opportunity between all people within the community and fostering good relations between different people and cultures in the Apopka community.   Furthermore, as Apopka continues towards rapid development, the city must also display compassion towards the less fortunate.  We must balance our interests in real estate development between upper, middle and lower class homes.    Lastly, we must find innovative methods in growing Apopka, such as substituting red light cameras erected throughout the city with alternative revenue raisings measures.”

Young Kim 3

I was born in Long Beach, California and have been a resident of Apopka since 1988. I attended Forest Lake Academy in Apopka and graduated from Apopka High School. After obtaining a B.A. of political science locally at University of Central Florida, I also obtained a Masters Degree in political science at a German University. In 2012 I graduated with a law degree at the FAMU College of Law.

During law school, I came into the idea of running for position of Apopka City Commissioner. My belief is that I could best utilize my law degree by working in city government to revitalize our community both socially and economically. Having a background in running a small business has also helped me to realize how important it is for city government to focus their energy on small businesses. In the world dominated by large corporate companies, small businesses struggle to simply maintain a livelihood. I believe that all levels of government have a responsibility to maintain a balance between large corporations and small businesses. My vision would be to grow small businesses in our area and let the small guy have the same opportunity as the big boys.

Other than my economic and social vision for Apopka, I enjoy nature, music and travel. Apopka has incomparable natural reserve unlike any other area in Central Florida. As more and more people move into Apopka, I would like to maintain the rural nature of our community, while at the same time balancing economic growth. Our city government has a great influence on how our land is zoned. Building more without planning wisely for this expansive growth can be devastative to this very delicate rural nature of ours. Simply building more fast food chains, mega-gas stations and large strip malls in the name of economic prosperity without proper city planning would probably be good for our community for a short period of time, but would this rapid growth be good for us in the long run?

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