Meet the Apopka City Council Candidates: Bill Arrowsmith

1520 WBZW, Apopka’s Hometown Station, is bringing you live coverage of the January 27th forum┬áthat will include Apopka City Council Candidates for seats 3 and 4. Our broadcast begins at 7pm and you can listen live at (find full forum details here.)

This week, we are getting to know the candidates with a series of articles that will give you everything you need to know about the three candidates running for Seat 3 and the three candidates running for Seat 4. Today we want you to meet Bill Arrowsmith:

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Bill Arrowsmith

Bill Arrowsmith

Incumbent and Candidate for Seat #4
Bill Arrowsmith’s Campaign Website
Bill Arrowsmith’s Facebook
Twitter @arrowsmithbill

I’m J. William “Bill” Arrowsmith, running for re-election as Commissioner for the City of Apopka, Florida, Seat 4. I’ve had the distinct honor of serving on the Apopka City Commission for more than 30 years and currently serve as your Vice-Mayor. Now more than ever, we need qualified experience in our city government. I got involved at a young age, the youngest elected official in the city of Apopka (26 years old), and began serving our great city at the age of 27. I have focused on keeping our city on a strong financial foundation and feel that will continue to be a priority. My passions are helping people in the greater Apopka community through beautification, recreation, and job creation.

Bill Arrowsmith 3

As a banker in Apopka for almost 40 years, I have worked toward the economic growth of our community. As a local business man, I am face to face with “real Apopka” citizens every day and appreciate the input that I receive. At times, I’ve been the only person on the council who still kept his “day job”. I’m simply a local businessman trying to make a difference. I’m a husband, dad, and proud Papa!

I love Apopka’s rich history, AND all the new faces around town. I love building bridges between both!

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