Join Us for BEAR-A-THON 2015!

There has never been a more urgent time than now to educate the community of Central Florida about living with the Florida black bear.  Our community has grown exponentially and we have encroached on a valuable and necessary part of our Florida ecosystem – the Florida black bear.

These bears have great stories to tell. The Zoo will be home to a bear that attacked a Seminole County resident in 2013, and two cubs rescued from a home in Georgia in 2014.  It is vital to all of us to learn to coexist and to enjoy our surroundings without concern and fear and to be inspired by the beautiful and lively nature that makes Central Florida home.  Having these magnificent creatures at the Zoo allows our team of educators to offer real-life instruction to over 300,000 visitors, and residents, each year.

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HELP US TODAY to raise contributions to educate the residents of Florida by supporting our “bear house” where our docents and team of educators will use real-life instruction to educate our visitors, and provide an exciting habitat for our bears to live out their lives.  This education model is paramount to the Zoo’s mission: to be a conservation resource providing experiences that excite and inspire children and adults to learn and act on behalf of wildlife.

Your support will provide a home for these bears that the Central Florida community can enjoy and learn from for many years to come.

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