Dare to Starve Your Eyes with New Life Ministries


To Starve your Eyes means to abstain from looking at anything sexually stimulating. God’s word is clear on his plans for our sexual life, including our thoughts and our actions. Society at large, and advertisers in particular, capitalize on the fact that men are visually stimulated. Satan uses that to his advantage – turning our thoughts away from what is pure, allowing the slow drift from God to begin. As a man seeking after the Lord, New Life Ministries challenges you to devote 30 days to behave in a way that is counter-cultural . . . a way that honors God and the women in your life with your sexual integrity. Starve your eyes.


If you take the 30 day challenge to bounce and starve your eyes, the next 30 days are going to be a challenge. You’re going to both, break a bad habit, and create a good habit. You’re going to need instructions and encouragement daily for the next 30 days. If you take the challenge, New Life Ministries will email a tip for the day on how to bounce and starve your eyes along with words of encouragement.

Go online now to WeDare.com and sign up for the challenge! Build a closer relationship with God…freedom from shame…honor your wife…strengthen character. And ladies, there’s a section for you too! Feel the encouragement from God’s word every day when you listen to New Life Live and Steve Arterburn weekdays at 1pm on 950 WTLN.

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