City pool, more firefighters on Apopka’s wish list Budget

Apopka’s “wish-list” budget, unveiled Wednesday, includes $1.2 million for a community pool and $1.6 million to staff and equip a planned fire house.

But those luxuries are not likely to be part of the city’s final financial plan for the upcoming fiscal year as City Council voted unanimously not to increase taxes, meaning Apopka will again boast Orange County’s lowest property-tax rate.

The city, however, is more likely to fund a “splash pad” at a cost of $500,000, though the site for the municipal water attraction — an amenity that has proved to be popular in Winter Garden and Tavares — is under debate.

Another $200,000 is likely to be set aside for drafting a community vision of Apopka’s future.

The budget requests submitted by department chiefs exceeded the city’s anticipated revenues by about $10 million, but Richard Anderson, chief administrative officer, reminded council that the staff turned in a “wish list,” not essentials.

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