Books On The Air: Reviews by Gary Roen

Book connoisseur Gary Roen can be heard on the First Tuesday of each month on My Hometown with Jim Turner (weekdays 3-5pm EST) on 1520 WBZW. His reviews are published across the country. Each week, he will also share some with you right here on My Hometown FL. This week he reviews books about a popular President, TV show and pastime.

41 A Portrait Of My Father
by George W. Bush
Crown Publishing Group
c/o Random House
9780553447781, $25.00,

“41 A Portrait Of My Father” is unique because it is one former president writing about another one who is also his father. The Adams father and son are the only other time in the country’s history that a father and son have both served as president, but there is no book by John Quincy Adams about his dad. George Herbert Walker Bush is revealed to be a very caring, principled, honorable person who represents the best image of a former public official. On another level the author details what he has learned from his dad about life and politics… Also revealed are many unknown things about Barbara Bush that add to the enjoyment of this expose of George W. Bush’s parents You do not have to be political to like “41 Portrait Of My Father.”

A Year In The Life Of Downton Abbey
by Jessica Fellowes Foreword by Executive Producer Julian Fellowes
St Martin’s Press
175 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10010
9781250065384, $29.99,

Downton Abbey, the mega hit TV show worldwide, continues to thrill audiences all over the world. Now in its 5th season with no end in sight, fans can learn more about the show in the newest coffee table book “A Year In The Life of Downton Abbey.” The author delves into the world of Downton and tells fans little known facts about the show. Some of the things are month by month activity at Downton, a cast list for season 5, dialogue of some of the characters revealed, and lots more. The book is easy to read and filled with so many wonderful pictures that add to the whole Downton mystique. No fan of the series should miss “A Year Of The Life of Downton Abbey.”

Origins of Golf
by Scott Marlowe
Pangea Press
514 Winter Terrace, Winter Haven, Fl 33881
9781493560745, $15.00,

“Origins of Golf” is a total departure from what Marlowe is most well known. Usually Marlowe’s books have been about strange creatures like Big Foot. Now he traces the beginnings of golf and shows that every major culture has had some form of the modern game. He shows how Polo and other sports have been an influence to the popular sport. Marlowe’s writing is easy to follow and he poses many different scenarios for anyone to understand. “Origins of Golf” is a fun excursion into the many facets of this hobby so many like to play. No fan of this pastime should miss “Origins of Golf.”

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