Apopka Police Department Offers Tips to Deal with Panhandlers

Panhandling is regulated in the City of Apopka to ensure the safety of residents and businesses throughout the community.

A city ordinance controls panhandling activities in public areas and on private properties. With suspected panhandlers, the Apopka Police Department initially will talk to individuals and provide printed information about food, medical and other assistance programs before requesting them to leave the area. Repeat offenders face a second-degree misdemeanor.

Between July 14 and 31, Apopka bicycle officers issued 43 trespass warnings and addressed 33 cases of panhandling.

Businesses can pre-submit a trespass arrest authorization allowing police officers to address panhandling on their properties without requiring business owners to be present during incidents. Residents are encouraged to call the police department when approached by panhandlers or when they see suspicious activity in the area.

Also, the Apopka Police Department advises residents to lock car doors or remove important items from your vehicle to discourage suspected panhandlers from theft or more serious crimes.

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