Apopka lifts Sunday alcohol-sales ban

Following story is from the Orlando Sentinel

Cheers, Apopka.

You can now buy booze on Sunday in Orange County’s second-largest city. The Apopka City Council, after months of debate, lifted a ban on liquor sales that had been in place since Prohibition ended more than 80 years ago.

Until Wednesday’s 3-2 council vote, Apopka was the only city in Central Florida that still enforced a so-called “blue law” forbidding Sunday sales of beer, wine and other liquors. Blue laws, originally designed to boost church attendance by curbing business activities and boozing on the Christian Sabbath, were common half a century ago.

According to Mayor Joe Kilsheimer, Publix had estimated the Sunday ban cost its Apopka stores $7,500 a week — not only in beer sales but sales of ice, potato chips and other products customers often purchase along with beer, wine and other alcoholic beverages.

The new law, which takes effect immediately, allows the beer taps open at noon Sunday.

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