Science Smart at the OCLS

MicroscopeThese are some programs that are offered this month at local library branches.

A Look at Why
Orlando Public Library, Children’s Library Staurday February 22, 3pm
For ages 6-12. Get answers to your burning science questions with interactive activities.

Alafaya Branch Saturday February 21 at 11am
Ages 8-11
Register now for your chance to build Lego models based on themes. Supplies are provided.

Hurray for Hippos
Eatonville Branch Wednesday February 26 at 2:45pm
Ages 6-12
Learn all there is about Hippopotamuses on National Hippopotamus Day.

Preschool D is for Dinosuar
Hiawassee Branch Friday February 21 at 11am
Ages 3-5
Listen to stories, make a craft and join in activities that teach us about dinosaurs.

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