Mayor Kilsheimer’s Sunday Booze Ban Decision

ID-1003780Apopka residents have been giving their two cents towards the ban discussion in an open forum, giving their opinion on liquor laws. Currently, Apopka is the only community in Central Florida to ban the sale of liquor in Sunday. These laws were established in 1933 at the end of prohibition and were amended in the 1990’s under Mayor John Land.

According to Mayor Joe Kilsheimer the community feedback has been positive. Many residents want the ban lifted because they believe it’s hurting local businesses. The liquor laws might prohibit the sales of liquor within Apopka’s city limits, but residents can go to a neighboring town and buy liquor from restaurants and stores to consume on Sundays.

The local church community is opposed to changing the laws, but Kilsheimer has said he will respect their views and try to find a concession that will please the local pastors, the community and the restauranteurs. Changes to the law might include sales after noon, localized restrictions on the sale of liquor and beer, or treating Sunday as a regular day of the week where alcohol can be bought from 7am till midnight.

The survey ends Tuesday, July 8. To have your say visit the Apopka Government website and have your say.

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