GFWC Apopka Women’s Club Annual Tea




Sunday August 25, 2013, 2-4pm

First Methodist Church of Apopka

201 South Park Ave Apopka FL


The GFWC Apopka Women’s Club would like to invite you to their annual tea. The function has a dual purpose: for members to become better acquainted with one another, and to discuss the coming year’s activities in the community, and the City of Apopka, over a cup of tea. The annual tea also provides an opportunity for interested women to join the organization.


Since 1957 the GFWC Apopka Women’s Club has blossomed to 60 members, and continues to grow today. The goal of the GFWC is to bring women together for fellowship, where they explore their abilities and interests in order to benefit themselves and their community.


Our 52nd Annual Art and Foliage Festival was a success this past Spring, due to our ladies’ hard work and preparation. We enjoyed sharing our combined talents and knowledge of foliage and other aspects of the festival with our guests and members of the community.


If you would like more information on the annual tea, or would like to join the GFWC Apopka Women’s Club, please contact either Ruth Clasen or Pauline Mathius: or 407 889 7918, or 407 814 8213.



Photo by

Sira Anamwong

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